I allow my creative talents to shine.

Each day, I have an opportunity to create myself anew. I can effect change in many areas of my life, from the thoughts in my head to the path of my career. In choosing to consciously cultivate my reality, I allow my creative talents to shine.

For some people, creativity means pursuing one of the arts. They may write, paint, or dance. But while I may do any of these things, traditional arts are only one avenue through which I exercise my creative energy.

Fortunately, my creative talents are boundless; whenever I prefer different results to situations I am familiar with, I choose different actions than before.

I am confident that my particular talents are perfectly suited to align my path with my highest vision of myself. After all, the unlimited resources of my imagination generated that vision, so I can draw from that same well to make it manifest.

Others also respond well to my endeavors to be integral with myself. When I pursue my dreams, other people respond by going after their own. Therefore, my creative talents are valuable not only to me but to everyone with whom I come into contact.

Today, I give thanks for the infinite resourcefulness of my creative energy.

I am confident that I have all the tools I need to thrive. And I trust that my talents are well-received in the world. For all these reasons and more, I allow my creative talents to shine.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of my childhood dreams?
2. How can I exercise creativity in my life today?
3. Have I recently produced anything accidentally? Would I rather create something else?

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