I always allow hope to shine in my life.

Hope is the substance that defines my successes in life. I always allow hope to shine because it gives me the drive to go on instead of giving up.

Sometimes unexpected situations arise, but if I feel frustrated by challenges, I make a conscious decision to allow hope into my life. And if hope ever seems hard to come by, I then turn toward my higher power to show me the way.

My hope is directly linked to my faith. I believe that there are many adventures in store for me, and each chapter of my life is played out in good time. This hope for a brighter tomorrow keeps me afloat throughout the most challenging times.

If I feel dejected or unable to go on, I remember that I have a choice in how I respond. I stop and ask myself, “What good can be derived from reacting negatively?”

Since benefits from negative reactions are far and few between, I optimistically pick up the pieces and move on in a positive direction.

Today, my hope is enough for me. I am confident that, even in the midst of uncertainty, success ultimately always comes my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I cultivate greater hope today?
2. How can I show others around me the benefits of maintaining a positive outlook?
3. Who can I turn to in my family or social circle when circumstances do not appear to be going my way?

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