I am a shoulder to lean on.

I am proud that others know they can rely on me in their times of need.

Each of us has great challenges in our lives from time to time. When this happens to my friends, I want to be there for them. I embrace my desire to strengthen the resolve of others.

Regularly, I spend time working to broaden my shoulders so they can lend support to those who need it. Helping people through adversity gives me pleasure because I know how it feels to be able to lean on family and friends when I am going through a low moment.

When others turn to me to help them through a challenge, I treasure the opportunity to provide a listening ear or a warm hug. I realize that the little things I do can go a long way.

I recognize that not saying anything at all sometimes offers more healing than spoken advice. My intuition guides me in giving the appropriate kind of support.

I use my personal experiences to help me determine how much assistance to give. I know that people are sometimes hurting more inside than they show on the outside. I realize that without my help, the hurt can eat away at them from inside.

Today, I trust that part of my purpose in life is to help others deal with difficult times. I feel a great weight lifted off me after comforting someone in need.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is there someone in my life who is having a challenge right now and would like to hear from me?
2. Today, how can I reach out to those in need, even in a small way?
3. How do I offer support to myself when I am having challenges in my life?

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