I am an effective decision-maker.

I am an effective decision-maker.

I make good decisions regardless of the circumstances I am faced with. I embrace the role of decision-maker whenever it is bestowed on me. I know that I am in a great position to decide because I have what it takes to make the right choice.

When I am required to make a decision, I first take the situation into context. I look at the expectations others have of me in my capacity as a decision-maker and recognize that not every decision I make can be popular with everyone.

I make decisions that produce the desired result according to the situation at hand.

I reflect on the impact a decision can have on others around me. I weigh my choices and their possible effects. I realize that although my decision may have an undesired effect on some, it is justly contemplated.

I am an unbiased decision-maker. I keep the big picture in mind and weigh all parts of the equation before coming up with the solution. I put a lot of thought into my choices and decisions.

Today, I endeavour to be the most effective decision-maker I can be. I commit to taking the time I need to make a good decision and remain consistent with my choices so others can trust my abilities as a decision-maker.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I struggle emotionally when I am required to make a decision?
2. How effective am I when deciding matters of the heart?
3. Is it easier to make certain decisions after doing it the first time?

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