I am dependable.

How I relate to others at work and at home matters to me. The opportunities to ensure my relationships are healthy and positive are all around me. Doing whatever I can to help others is crucial to my life. Regardless of the situation, I am dependable.

I strive to be honest with others when they need my help and let them know what I can or cannot do. If at all possible, I do what is asked. I always follow through with what I agree to do.

Life provides many opportunities to show others how dependable I am.

At home, my family knows they can depend on me. For example, if my regular tasks are to do the laundry and fix dinner, my spouse and kids know they can always find clean clothes and enjoy a good dinner. If my spouse asks me to do a favor, I always tell the truth about whether I can do it or not and then I do what I say.

At work, when a supervisor or co-worker requests I complete a particular task or project, I am ready. If I agree to perform these jobs, the new responsibilities are placed into my schedule and, when the time comes, I complete the tasks. As a result, the people I work with see me as dependable.

Today, I am confident that my loved ones and colleagues view me as dependable and I intend to maintain my efforts to keep it that way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I a dependable person?
2. What do I do to ensure that I follow through with the things I've agreed to do?
3. How can I keep from taking on too much?

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