I am free to rule over my passions.

I am grateful for the blessing I have to be free. With freedom comes the great task to manage my liberties responsibly. I choose to rule over my passions rather than becoming a victim to my desires.

Part of being free means that I am accountable for what I do with my passions. Emotions are an important part of me as a whole, but I must also learn to control my feelings to achieve inner peace.

I break free from the bondage of my emotions because I have authority over my feelings. My feelings are unable to rule over my mind because my mind is more powerful.

There are seasons in my life when only my mind knows the way. I allow my mind to lead me as I follow with my actions as an act of faith. In time, grace aligns my feelings with my thoughts.

There are times when I lack the desire to go on because I have allowed disillusion or disappointment to rob me of my joy. I remember that the great purpose I am destined for remains unmoved by my circumstances during these critical times.

Other times I am so high on life, I find it hard to reason. Enjoyable as this may be, I still strive to keep my head on straight, weighing all options with a clear mind.

Today, I free myself to manage my emotions with courage and ability. I allow myself to feel with my heart without disconnecting my mind from the process.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my definition of freedom?
2. Why is it necessary to allow my mind to rule over my thoughts?
3. Have I ever been deceived by my emotions in the past?


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