I am full of fresh ideas.

Fresh ideas flow from me like rain from a cloud. I can find new ideas anywhere if I look hard enough. A good way to find ideas is by paying attention to the small details around me as well as within me.

My life experiences are an inspiring springboard for a wide range of topics. Whenever I am faced with a constraint, I turn it into an opportunity for a new idea to take flight.

Ideas come to me during daily activities. There is no secret to coming up with good ideas. It is all about opening my eyes and appreciating the originality all around me.

Media sources, such as television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet spark my creativity. I open my eyes to the inspiration that surrounds me causing ideas to overflow.

To draw from the well of my soul, I often sit down with a piece of paper and focus on coming up with a list of ideas. Brainstorming exercises stimulate my brain. At the end of my defined time period, I have an extensive list of new ideas.

I sort through my list, polishing ideas that need work and editing my thoughts. The creative process is something that I enjoy. I rise up to the challenge of producing quality original work because I enjoy being unique.

Today, I choose to create an environment conducive to fresh ideas. I refrain from forcing myself to be creative, because creativity is a process that flows naturally. I am talented beyond my imagination, fully capable of coming up with amazing work.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I brainstorm for new ideas?
2. What inspires me?
3. What elements affect my creativity?

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