I am helpful to others at every possible opportunity.

Each day, I have many opportunities to interact with others. Sometimes, they need help from me and I look for ways to be helpful to them every chance I get.

Being of service to others is much broader than just helping the proverbial little old lady to cross the street.

My helpfulness can include offering a listening ear when a friend needs to talk, spontaneously taking my partner's turn at doing the dishes, or letting an acquaintance know that I am there for them if they ever need someone.

Sometimes, people clearly ask for what they need. A child may request help tying their shoes. Friends may ask me to lend a hand with tasks that they cannot complete themselves. So I acquiesce to their request whenever I can.

At other times, those I care about may not know what they need or even that I can help them. In those cases, I ask questions or offer assistance until I or they can figure out what would be helpful to them.

These situations can arise in many venues: at home, in my career, and out in the world. Because I know that opportunities to be of service can happen in any place, at any time, I regularly take a few moments to contemplate how I can be of service. That way, I am always prepared to do my best.

Today, I look for ways to be of service to other people. I am confident in my ability to know what is needed and provide it. Each day, I renew my commitment to be helpful to others at every possible opportunity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways can I be of service to my partner, spouse, or closest friend today?
2. How do I feel when I have been able to really help another person?
3. In what ways has someone been helpful to me recently?

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