I am tapping into my creative side.

I have a creative mind, filled with beautiful ideas. I can be anything I want to be if I only tap into my creative side and allow creativity to flow.

I have been blessed with many talents and wish to develop them in such a way that I can impact the lives of others.

Every chance I get, I read magazines, books, and the work of other creative minds. Reading about others' creativity inspires me to try new ideas of my own. I allow the pictures and words I read to speak to my senses.

I seek inspiration in the natural, everyday life around me. There is no greater beauty than that found in nature; therefore, I spend time alone paying attention to the small things outdoors.

Children are some of life's most creative sources of inspiration. It is so refreshing to look at the world through the eyes of a child and see the wonder I often take for granted. Spending time with children boosts my creativity.

Listening to music also gets my creative juices flowing. Music elicits a slew of emotions by tapping into my memories and awakening my heart. When I listen to music, I pay attention to the many details that meld together to create a beautiful harmony.

Whether it is in reading, writing, art, nature, children, or music, my senses are set to find inspiration.

Today, I choose to turn inspiration into creativity and launch myself forward with ideas of my own. I am a creative individual whose time has come to share my talents with the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What inspires me?
2. What have I been afraid to try in the past?
3. How can I tap into my creative side today?

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