I am thankful for all opportunities. My attitude reflects my happiness.

I am thankful for all opportunities that come my way. I let go of the idea that things must be ideal for me to be happy. I recognize that every situation has both challenges and rewards.

Basing my sense of well being on the absence of conflict in my life is futile. There will always be challenges, and I cannot delay my happiness because of their presence.

I believe that success comes to those who take action with what they have at hand. Opportunities for small successes often lead to greater possibilities.

For this reason, I choose to look for the opportunities inherent in every circumstance. Even unpleasant situations can lead to better opportunities that would not have been available without facing the challenge.

I know that challenges teach me the patience and other skills I need in order to make the most of my life. Obstacles help develop my character.

I welcome all challenges and I remain open to the good that awaits me with each new opportunity.

By letting go of the expectation of ease or perfection, I enable myself to discover the possibilities within every situation. I create my own happiness, even in the midst of challenges.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I waiting for perfection in order to be happy?
2. Do I view challenges as obstacles or opportunities?
3. What opportunity has come to me unexpectedly because I remained open to finding the good in a tough situation?

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