I can make difficult decisions.

I can make difficult decisions.

Of all the decisions I have to make in life, I know that some of them are bound to be difficult. My ability to make difficult decisions shows my strength of character, and I continuously aim to work towards developing that strength.

Difficult Decisions

Many decisions about my family can be tough because strong emotions are involved, and I want to preserve the emotional well-being of my loved ones.

When I need to choose what I know my child is likely to look on as undesirable, I work on my approach, so my young one can feel comforted. I am aware that approaching my child with such a decision can either allow the trust to build or break it down, so I ensure they understand that my decision is made with the best intention.

I spend a lot of time building trust in my relationships with others.

When I make difficult decisions after building trust with others, the decisions are accepted even if they are unfavourable. My friends, family, co-workers and peers know that I am coming from a good, honest place.

Today, I recognize that life is full of ups and downs. Even though my difficult decisions may negatively affect others, I know my conscience is clean. I commit to making decisions without malice so I can rest comfortably at night.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I sometimes compromise to avoid making difficult decisions?
2. What character traits do I strengthen when I practice making difficult decisions?
3. How do I feel when I am forced to make a difficult emotional decision for a loved one?

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