I create a daily schedule for my tasks.

I create a daily schedule for my tasks because I know that doing so enables me to be far more productive.

I warm up on some easy tasks first. If I want to get physically fit, I wouldn't throw on a pair of jogging shorts and jump into a marathon. Instead, I would take the time to stretch my muscles and ease into more challenging exercise when my body is ready.

My mind works the same way. By scheduling easy tasks first thing in the morning, I am stretching my mental muscles to perform optimally throughout the day.

I am realistic with my scheduling. I leave the world's saving to superheroes and, instead, strive to have an accurate picture of how much I can achieve in a day.

I may be able to cram my schedule for a few days or even a few months, but because I am looking at the big picture, I focus on developing a schedule I can maintain over the long run without exhaustion or burnout.

I plan some downtime. We give children stickers and recess to reward them and renew their energy. As adults, we need to remember to reward ourselves as well!

Stickers may have lost their appeal, and the monkey bars may not be quite as exciting anymore, but I can reward myself in other ways. When I schedule a time to unwind with a good book, have a relaxing bubble bath, or chat with a friend, I am enabling myself to be more energetic and productive.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I allow my mind time to warm up when I start a new day?
2. Is my schedule realistic?
3. Do I reward myself with some downtime at the end of the day?


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