I feel a renewed spirit when I pray.

Prayer rebuilds me and renews my spirit every single time. It gives me a feeling of freshness and invincibility. I feel that I cannot be conquered by negative circumstances when I pray.

My connection with the Creator is a relationship unlike any other. The opportunity to pray even in the midst of despair makes me a completely new person at the end of it. I marvel at the power of prayer to make me a new person, to make me whole again.

I am ready to take on any challenge life throws at me after I pray. I feel my emotional state become stronger and my ability to withstand obstacles reinforced. I develop a deeper belief in myself and my inner strengths. I know I have what it takes to rise above the challenges.

Prayer calms me. When I am on the verge of doing or saying things that I know are against my morals, a quick word of prayer takes me right back to the point where I can be true to myself. I resist the urge to break down when I pray.

Today, I embrace the feeling of having a renewed spirit. I make it a point to pray every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. These sessions of prayer help to ground me and bring me back to a good place. Prayer arms me with the tools to take on any of life's difficult situations.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I pray often?
2. How does it rejuvenate my spirit?
3. How can I encourage others to use prayer as a tool to change for the better?


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