I find it easy to delegate tasks in order to manage my time effectively.

We are creatures of community, designed to live and work in teams. I recognize the value of other people in my life and let go of the idea that I should do everything on my own.

I find it easy to delegate tasks to manage my time more effectively and achieve my greatest possible level of productivity.

On a good team, our different talents and skills allow us to complement each other. Together we are more dimensional and can achieve more. I take advantage of this fact and use it for my best possible good.

However, I pick my delegates carefully. I choose those who are reliable, hard-working, and can take a task and run with it. I choose those who are honest and trustworthy.

When I hand off work to others, I know I can trust that it will be done and done well because I have put thought and care into the selection of my team.

Once I delegate my tasks, I let go of the need to keep my thumb on every page. I have confidence in the people around me. I make sure they are fully aware that I am available to them should they need me, but I free them to complete the task at hand.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I hang on to the idea that I need to do everything myself? If so, why?
2. Have I surrounded myself with a reliable team?
3. What part of my current workload could I delegate to achieve greater productivity?


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