I give to others.

I make it a priority to give to others because I firmly believe that what I send out comes back to me.

I give financially according to my ability to do so. I have let go of the idea that I must be able to give a huge sum in order for it to be worthwhile.

Even a bag of groceries to the local food shelter, or a cup of hot coffee for the homeless man on the corner, can go a long ways toward improving someone's day. I'm not out to change the world, but I do strive to make ripples in my corner.

With that in mind, I also donate my time and energy to the improvement of my community.

I may not have the means or even the desire to run for public office, but I can volunteer to read with children at the local school, spend an afternoon helping at the food bank, or do any number of other activities for the betterment of society.

I strive to use my skills and talents to give back to my community. When I evaluate what I am doing with my God-given interests and abilities, I look beyond earning capacity and focus on what I can do to help others as well.

I let go of the notion that my needs must be completely met first in order to be able to give. By opening up to the needs of others, I am fulfilled.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I creating excuses for not giving to others?
2. Whose need could I help meet today?
3. How can I use my skills to better my community?


Stop Procrastinating
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