I live according to the desires of my Creator.

I live the life that I know my Creator wants for me. Although temptations to have my own way and do according to my will sometimes seem too strong to fight, I stay focused on the fact that I am a tool for my Creator.

I know that I am in a world made for me, not by me. That knowledge reminds me every day to be true to my purpose. I have a close relationship with my Creator and pay attention to the desires placed before me to fulfil.

When I stay connected with the desires of my Creator, I find that I am more successful in my exploits and endeavours. My success rate is always higher and my rewards that much sweeter. I know there are unspeakable benefits of doing according to what my Creator requires.

After prayer, I am sometimes confused about which route my Creator wants me to take. The human element seems to pull me in a particular direction, but then I pay keen attention to my conscience, which I know is a direct line to the Creator. Whatever my conscience suggests is what the Higher Being requests.

Today, I commit to first focus on what my Creator wants for me. I realize that it may not always suit me, or align with my own desires, but I continue to trust that the one who created me knows what is best for my life here on Earth. I relinquish all control and accept the path placed in front of me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I know when my Creator wants me to step aside?
2. How do I redeem myself when I feel that my actions aren't aligned with the Creator's desires?
3. Do I always listen to my conscience?



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