I make decisions with the big picture in mind.

I make decisions with the big picture in mind.

I keep my priorities and goals in clear view so that I do what I know to be the right thing for me regardless of the circumstances. Even if emotions run high in a disagreement or the distractions of the day try to take away my focus, I automatically think of the big picture.

I ask myself, “What is most important here?”

In a disagreement with someone I love, I go with the solution that best maintains a positive, loving relationship because that is most important. Whether I am right or wrong about a trivial issue does not matter.

In business negotiations, I keep my primary goal in mind and my discussions open to any solution that works well for both of us. This solidifies a profitable business relationship.

Another question I ask myself to keep the big picture in mind is, “Will this make a difference 5 years from now?”

If a single issue can make a difference 5 years from now, I know that it is important to my life. Otherwise, I keep it in its proper perspective. Either way, I make decisions accordingly, letting my priorities guide me in my decision.

I use this strategy every day, even in seemingly small decisions. Keeping my priorities in mind allows me to choose to live life according to what is really important to me, rather than being blown willy-nilly by momentary distractions. As a result, I live a fulfilling life!

Today, I intend to keep the big picture in mind, and I let my priorities – not distractions – guide me in my decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I tend to forget what is most important to me in the moment's emotions?
2. Have I clarified my priorities in my life?
3. How can I get in the habit of keeping the big picture in mind?

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