I own the right to make my own choices.

I own the right to make my own choices.

Each day, as I quietly watch the sunrise, I look with excitement toward the opportunity to choose what I do today. The choices I make belong only to me, so I alone own the right to determine which direction to take in my life.

If I experience challenges, I rest assured that they cannot overcome me. I trust my instincts, and I know that I have what is needed to succeed in all circumstances.

I am confident that I reflect the attributes that my Creator intends, and I move forward with my head held high. The power of this belief exudes from my core. I highly value the decisions I make from this centre of faith within me.

Should I encounter any opposition, I allow it to strengthen my resolve to win. With every choice I make, I channel my faith and my confidence in my own decision-making. I trust that I am living in the right way for me.

I believe that life rewards me for being of service to others, but I also have confidence that what makes me truly happy is the freedom to listen to my inner voice.

Today, I decide to choose a path that I feel is right for me and not what circumstances may appear to dictate. I have the authority to decide which road to travel, and I eagerly await the road map that unfolds for me each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I respond when others attempt to choose for me?
2. Which decisions do I regularly face that is the most crucial to my success?
3. How can I build my self-confidence today?

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