I remain true to my morals.

In this life filled with challenges and obstacles, I strive to remain true to my morals. My inner beliefs keep me grounded. I know that standing up for them means that I am being true to myself.

If I feel overcome and burdened with financial stresses, I remind myself that only an honest day's earnings are worth having. I tap into the talents bestowed upon me and find creative ways to lift myself toward financial freedom.

I also believe in having honest relationships that allow me to be forthright and candid with the other person. My morals dictate that I should always be truthful because even if the truth is hurtful, it is never harmful.

When I use my morals to help me make a crucial decision, I feel elevated afterwards. The outcome, whether good or bad, hardly matters because my decision came from the right place.

If I ever feel guilty, I know that this is simply my conscience working correctly. I treasure my conscience because it aligns me with what I know deep down is right – it lights the path to my beliefs.

Today, I continue to live according to my morals because that system determines the successes I get out of life. I am a firm believer that what goes around, comes around. I maintain my integrity and act only if my conscience is free from doubt.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when others try to challenge my morals or try to convince me of another way to do things?
2. Do I follow my own heart even in challenging situations?
3. Do I celebrate the successes earned from honoring my beliefs?


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