I serve as an admirable role model for my family and loved ones.

My family is important to me, and I play a significant role in their lives. I am confident that my role in the family is positive and can be modeled by my loved ones.

I know that my family looks at the way I live my life closely, so I remain a good example of healthy living.

I am strong and courageous as well as gentle and fair. I react to stress and anger in a positive way that promotes a sense of serenity.

I take my role in the family very seriously and strive to be the best example for them as I can. In doing so, I help them build a strong foundation in their own lives. They watch me respond to challenges in healthy and positive ways and follow my lead.

My family learns through my examples of positive, healthy living.

My positive example also enables my family to communicate and share in healthy ways. I spend time creating a better me and this benefits my family as well. As I model positive attributes to my family, our bonds are strengthened.

Today, I strive to create a positive and healthy attitude to model to my family. I can exemplify strength, courage and positive motivation.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How have I given examples of good behavior?
2. How can I continue to be a positive role model?
3. How has my family mimicked my examples?


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