I trust my own ability to make decisions.

I trust my own ability to make decisions.

When I think about how life is filled with choices, I realize that having confidence in my decision-making is important to living a healthy, happy life.

I feel sure that I can weigh out any given situation and select the best option. Knowing that I choose what is best for me brings me great calm. I thoroughly trust my own ability to make decisions.

Some of the choices I make involve others. When life necessitates me to consider others in my decision-making, I do so with great deliberation. Even in those cases, I expect to make wise choices concerning all involved.

I rarely suffer any distress or indecision related to making choices.

I understand that there may be times when I make a “wrong” decision or one that is less than ideal. However, I still trust myself to make the best choice ultimately. If I dislike the outcome, I can usually change my mind without dire consequences.

Today, I reflect on my recent decisions and consider how I arrived at them, for such analysis can help me in future decisions.

I feel confident that I can trust myself to make wise choices now and in the future.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I trust my own ability to make decisions? If not, why?
2. What can I do to strengthen my confidence in my decisions?
3. In what types of circumstances do I have difficulty trusting my own ability to make decisions?

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