I weigh my options wisely before making decisions.

I weigh my options wisely before making decisions.
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I make wise decisions because I take time to evaluate the possible outcomes of my actions. Actions have consequences; therefore, I plan mine with care.

Making choices abruptly in the heat of the moment often leads to regret. I shield myself from shame by being quick to listen and slow to speak. Reacting in situations often has negative consequences because that is when feelings take over reason.

By giving myself time to cool down, I enable myself to think clearly and logically about situations. Once I have reached an objective state of mind, I weigh the pros and cons of the actions I am considering.

In my mind, I walk through the events that may follow after my decision. When I play scenes in my head, I can better understand how things may work out. I use this information when making choices.

A large part of making wise decisions is speaking with other people in similar situations. By listening to the experiences of others, I learn about actions and consequences.

When I become informed on a subject, I equip myself with the knowledge to make wise decisions. I read books, ask questions, and pray or meditate about my decisions before I make them.

It is important to me to make decisions that benefit those I care about as well as myself. Although I know I cannot always please everyone around me, I strive to consider the people I love.

Today, I choose to pause before making important choices and consider several possible outcomes. I ask for help and seek guidance in decision making from people I respect.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What important decision do I need to make right now?
2. Who can I ask for guidance?
3. Why is it important to give myself time and space for objectivity in the decision-making process?

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