Ideas flow from me like a spring of creativity.

Everywhere I look, I find inspiration for new ideas. My eyes are open to the sources of inspiration all around me. I visualize my thoughts transforming into a beautiful reality.

When I set my mind to it, I come up with brilliant designs by thinking outside the box. My potential is free from limitations. Daily, I encourage myself to think deeper than ever before.

If I feel like I am drying up, I take time away to relax and refocus so I can reawaken my soul. By changing my point of view and looking deep within myself, I can create fresh ideas. I keep a notebook nearby so I can write down my ideas as I get them.

I am witty, creative, and resourceful. I think on my feet when put on the spot. Being flexible allows me to expand my creativity and take new risks. At work, my contributions are an asset to the success of my company.

My vision allows me to see details that others miss because I look with passion. My family and friends are blessed when I share my gifts with them.

My mind is set to improve the world around me; therefore, when I read the ideas of others I automatically think about ways to make them better. I am a well of creativity where others can come and replenish their lives.

Today, I radiate new ideas by taking the time to contemplate the beautiful world around me. I share my creativity with others so they may be inspired to improve their own lives.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Where can I find inspiration?
2. Who can I share my ideas with?
3. What ideas am I most proud of?


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