In each moment, I feel good about my mental capacity.

In each moment, I feel good about my mental capacity.
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I am grateful for my ability to do whatever intellectual tasks come my way.

I can read, write, solve problems, and generate new ideas. All of these abilities are functions of my intellect, which serves me well. In each moment, I feel good about my mental capacity.

My intellectual abilities are part of what enables me to do my work. MY BRAIN IS CONSTANTLY WORKING, whether I am sitting at a computer, swinging a hammer, or toting a toddler.

Without even my conscious intent, my mind assesses the possibilities of any given situation and provides me with ideas about the best course of action.

Because of my high functioning intellect, I am confident in my ability to address any challenge that comes my way. Whatever occurs, I have a vast well of prior experiences to draw on as I determine how to act or what to say.

If I ever experience uncertainty about resolving a particular situation, I remind myself that not knowing something usually comes before understanding.

Intellectual challenges are just a sign that I am growing. By choosing to enter into situations without easy and obvious answers, I expand my mental capacity.

Today, I feel good about my mental capacity. My mind serves me well in all situations. And I seek out opportunities for growth, which continually demonstrate how much I can expand my mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what kinds of situations do I feel most proud of my mental capacity?
2. In what circumstances do I feel intellectually challenged?
3. How can I remind myself to frame mental challenges as opportunities for growth?

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