MegaDefense Immune Modulating Support, Daily Wellness Supplement, Agaricus, Ganoderma Multi-Mushroom

Price: $30.00


  • SUPPORT AND BALANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – to target and destroy foreign invaders (antigens) when they enter the body to help support daily immune health and optimize daily wellness.*
  • FEATURING A COMBINATION of more than 200 highly-purified, immune active polysaccardies / beta 1,3-1, 6 glucans.
  • IM6 FULL-SPECTRUM MUSHROOM BLEND is derived from six 100% USDA certified organic, kosher, full-spectrum mushroom complex (Aagaricus blazei, Lentinula exodes, Ganoderma lucidum, Grifolo frondosa, Coriolus versicolor, Cordyceps sinensis)
  • UNPARALELLED IMMUNE SUPPORT – Only known immune supportive supplement to activate all 260 different classes of immune cells including NK cells, T-cells and macrophages.*
  • FULLY MICRONIZED to ensure absorption and bioavailability. Certified kosher and non-GMO.


Living in a world surrounded by germs and and toxins, we are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of their effect on our health. Keeping your immune system healthy is key to winning the battle—especially since prolonged exposure to these invisible invaders can really take its toll on your daily health.*

MegaDefense is a premium, all-natural, daily wellness solution. Featuring immune-modulating herbs—a blend of six certified organic, non-GMO mushrooms—MegaDefense is a must for anyone looking to free them from the escalating costs of health care and take a proactive / preventative role in supporting optimal health and vitality.*

MegaDefense can help:

  • Support Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.*
  • Play a role in immune health modulation.*
  • Protect against free radical damage.*
  • Protect cells.*
  • Promote overall health and well-being.*

Pure, organic and patent-protected, IM6 Full Spectrum Immune Complex is considered to be the most technologically innovative mushroom blend on the market today. This full spectrum medicinal blend is so incredibly unique and beneficial, it is protected by numerous patents including one of the growing environment. Unlike most immune support supplements that feature an extract or two, MegaDefense boasts a full spectrum complex. In fact, IM6 provides all of the biologically active compounds of the medicinal mushrooms—including the mycelium, the fruit bodies, the spores, and by far the most important of all of them, the extra-cellular compounds that produces throughout the entire life cycle of the organism. It’s beta glucan count is the highest ever seen in a product of this kind, and its DNA authenticated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to ensure quality, efficacy and consistency.*

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