My conscience carves my decisions.

My conscience carves my decisions.

I place a lot of trust in the thoughts from my conscience. I know the expressions of my conscience come from an honest place within me, so I rely on those expressions for guidance. I trust my conscience to carve my decisions in life.

Conscientious decisions allow me to feel confident and honest, as these decisions come from a truth that I know best. I believe in what my mind's heart urges me to do or refrain from.

I know that at times, making a conscientious decision is unpopular. I recognize that it is easy to fall out of favor with others when I make an unpopular decision. But I endeavor to stick to what I feel is the right thing to do.

I prefer to be able to live with my decisions when I go to bed at night, than to live up to others' expectations and lead a miserable, unhappy life.

Right Decision

Regret is a word that is banished from my dictionary of life experiences.

I commit to making the decisions that I can be proud of and stand behind years down the road. I commit to doing things that my children can emulate and speak about with pride.

Today, I embrace my conscience and allow it to direct my life. I strive to stand behind my decisions and maintain a moral position in every situation I am faced with. I vow to stay sincere to every fiber that makes up my being.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I always conscious of what my gut instincts are telling me?
2. Do I listen to my mind's heart?
3. Have my conscientious decisions ever led to a negative outcome?

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