My curiosity enriches my daily life.

My curiosity enriches my daily life.

Simple pleasures in life often provide the most treasured moments of the day. One “built-in” pleasure that I enjoy is my inquisitive mind. Having a curiosity about people, places, and things broadens my intellectual horizons.

I find my curiosity to be entertaining and even engaging for others—my mind thirsts to learn new facts and experience new situations.


It is natural for me to have questions each day. As I look around my home, I find many sources of curiosity. Where was the foyer rug made? What is the best way to change the refrigerator's water filter?

Whatever the question, I strive to allow my mind to let the inquiries flow. Discovery is the result of my curiosity.

I propel myself forward in life by seeking answers to my many questions each day. I am never bored because I always have curiosity. My questions lead me to research subject after subject. I like this exceptional part of me.

Having natural inquisitiveness is something to be proud of. My curiosity encourages me to think, ponder, and cogitate over the subject at hand. My life is full of these remarkable questions. My own curiosity fulfils me.

Today, I choose to embrace my natural curiosity openly. I feel joy at all the myriad questions, which inspire me to seek answers and knowledge. My curiosity truly enriches my daily life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel about my curiosity?
2. Do I allow my questions to be heard? Do I research topics and seek answers to satisfy my inquisitiveness?
3. How can I encourage my natural inclination to be curious and question everything?

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