My family triumphs through trouble.

My family triumphs through trouble.
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Every family, including mine, experiences hardships. It's only natural to have personalities clash in a home with so many strong-minded individuals.

When my children have a negative attitude towards my partner and I, we take it with a grain of salt. Their temperamental behaviour is temporary and simply a sign of growth. I remember how we were once just as stubborn as our children and felt our parents were enemies. I understand that they're just going through a phase.

Though it may seem at times like our family fights a lot, our bond is undeniably strong.

In the past, my spouse and I took spending time with our children for granted; now, we savour every moment spent by their side. Nothing feels better than my daughter asking, “Hey mom, want to go to the mall?” She could have asked any of her friends to go with her, but she asked me!

My spouse and I raise them to the best of our abilities, and we wholeheartedly believe that we are doing a stupendous job!

Sure, my partner and I have our differences. But, who doesn't? We are two separate individuals with wholly separate opinions. I value my partner for voicing his thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

Regardless of our differences, my partner and I remain strong throughout the years. We triumph through troubles, as does our entire family. Each battle makes us stronger. Each scar is a memory of the long way we've come. And each tear is a sign of a lesson learned.

Today, I accept my family for the strong individuals we are. Raising children and simultaneously maintaining a marriage has its challenges. But, we've managed to triumph through all of our troubles.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can we carve out more family time?
2. Am I supportive of my family's growth?
3. Which defining moments have we experienced as a family?

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