Organization is easy and effortless for me.

I am able to organize my time and tasks effectively. My great time management skills enable me to take care of my important tasks and still have time to enjoy life!

I keep my planner up to date. When I am asked to take on a task, I check my planner and schedule it in appropriately. If I see that there really is no time for it, I am honest about my availability and refer them to someone who can help.

By being honest about my time, I respect others because they can still get the help they need from someone else. They appreciate my system, too, because they know with certainty that, if I do commit to something, it will be done. My organization skills earn their trust.

Every day I make a to-do list of my tasks with the most important priorities. I pare this list down to a bare minimum so I know that I can get the most important things done. Then, if there is time left over, I can start on the things that have secondary importance.

Taking time for myself is a priority. It gives me a chance to relax and rejuvenate so I come back better than ever, full of renewed energy. This is why I ensure that I schedule some time for relaxation every day.

I also make sure that there is some wiggle room in my schedule. This provides me the time to take care of important things that come up during the day without overloading my regular schedule.

Today, I intend to take a second look at my schedule and revise it according to my priorities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make it a point to keep my schedule up to date?
2. Have I learned to say “no” when I really don't have the time for something?
3. How can I revise my daily schedule according to my priorities?


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