Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking in Public

Public speaking is a requirement and responsibility that comes with most jobs and academic endeavours.

Whether you're employed in a position that requires you to speak in public, or you have the responsibility of presenting to a classroom or social group, eliminating your fears of being centre stage will help you immensely.

Mastering public speaking can take some effort, but the benefits are always worth it. Of course, some people are born with talent, but most of us can learn these skills over time. Like you, many good speakers started with a need to overcome their fear of the very thing they now excel at!

What could be hindering your progress?

Fear of Public Speaking: Common Triggers

Typically, people afraid of speaking in public have a preconceived notion about what could happen, which becomes a deterrent for any public speaking endeavour. You might fear getting a negative response from the audience, or perhaps you fear embarrassment that may come from making blunders in public.

Think of it this way: what if you got a positive response from the audience? The good news is that you can take actions to tilt the odds in your favour, so the most likely outcome is a positive response! Feeling more confident that your public speaking will result in a good experience can help you overcome your fear.

Try these techniques to help ensure a positive outcome and lessen the fear you feel when speaking in public:

1. Be prepared. The more prepared you are for your speech, the smoother your presentation will come across. Do what is necessary to ensure that you're thoroughly prepared.

2. Do thorough research. Knowing your content inside and out is a surefire way to eliminate many of your fears. In fact, once you've done thorough research, you can probably make the speech without looking at your notes!

3. Practice your speech. Maybe you've been in a situation where your speech didn't come across well because you didn't practice it enough. And because it didn't go well, you felt devastated and insistent on never doing public speaking again. However, it would help if you didn't let that fear conquer you. Instead:

  • Spend endless hours reading and re-reading your speech. Just like with subjects in school, you'll eventually be able to commit the content to memory by rehearsing over and over again.
  • Try to identify sections and references in your speech that you're able to speak about from your knowledge base freely. Not only does it show your prowess, but it also helps you relax while presenting!

4. Invite an audience for a private presentation. Requesting the help of family and friends can help quell any doubts you have about speaking in public. A good idea would be to invite a few of them and make your presentation to them as your audience. Not only will they be able to give constructive feedback, but they'll also help to calm your nerves.

As with anything else, the effort you put into perfecting the art of public speaking will undoubtedly contribute to dissolving any fears you may have. Show your audience what you're made of by becoming a fearless master of speaking in public!

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