Patience preserves my spirit.

Exercising patience is the outward evidence of understanding my own imperfections and accepting those of others. Showing patience starts with myself when I fall short of my expectations.

I forgive my own shortcomings in order to be able to forgive others and accept their mistakes. I encourage others. I build others up by giving them second chances to prove themselves.

Patience preserves my health by keeping me free from stress. My blood pressure remains at a healthy level when I take things in stride and avoid sweating the small stuff.

I am slow to anger and quick to forgive. My emotions are not in control of me; I am in control of my emotions. When I feel angry, I can speak to my emotions to calm down or I can distract myself with an activity that relaxes me.

When I feel myself getting frustrated, I take deep breaths inhaling strength and exhaling anger. I remind myself that who I am at the core of my spirit remains the same regardless of the situation that I am facing.

I set myself up for success by foreseeing stressful situations and planning for them. I give myself plenty of time in my schedule to complete tasks so I can be patient while driving on the road or waiting in a line.

My inner dialogue is conducive to peace. I speak to myself in a positive, uplifting tone. I shut out people who are stress-inducers and surround myself with those who build me up.

Today, I exercise patience in love toward others because I would hope that others extend that same grace to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can breathing exercises help me keep my cool?
2. What changes can I make to my life to prevent stressful situations?
3. Do I stay true to myself and resist giving into anger?


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