Patience sustains my center.

My soul is at peace when my mind is settled and free from worry. Ridding myself of anxiety calms my emotions, allowing me to experience complete peace.

To have peace, I must let go of the things that are beyond my control. I exercise restraint when I would rather react. I wait instead of becoming tense because it is better to wait than to act hastily. I choose to exert self-control.

I am saturated by patience from the inside out, bringing peace to my core. Waiting is something I can do proficiently. Periods of waiting are simply temporary while better things are being prepared for me.

Keeping realistic expectations is the foundation to an attitude of patience. I know that, in reality, there are often complications or inevitable setbacks. Accepting that life is not perfect helps me to gracefully deal with trying situations.

I choose to have the attitude of a problem-solver rather than a victim. I make valuable use of my time finding answers and figuring out ways to help myself. I refrain from engaging in behaviors that do not produce a result, such as complaining.

I change what I can change, if not the situation, then my attitude about it. Either way, I am responsible for keeping my inner peace. Instead of over reacting out of bitterness, I allow patience to rule my actions, keeping my emotions in line.

Today, I choose to have faith that I can overcome any situation, just as I have done successfully in the past.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my expectations realistic?
2. How can I be more flexible in the face of challenges?
3. What are the benefits of waiting patiently?


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