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Imagine enjoying a virtual vacation in the Hawaiian Islands while experiencing deep relaxation and the healing power of natureā€¦ Now you can with this gorgeous, new Serenity Moments scenic relaxation DVD by Real Art Studios, LLC. Filmed in HD, it features the spectacular scenery of the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu with over 200 scenes of the best tropical beaches, refreshing rainforest waterfalls, panoramic ocean and coastline views, turquoise waves, colorful exotic flowers and birds, tranquil koi ponds, swaying palm trees, vibrant sunsets and much more. The remarkable clarity of this DVD filmed in HD will make you feel like you are there! Play the video clip below to preview our relaxation DVD.

The Serenity Moments Hawaiian Islands Scenic Relaxation DVD features beautiful, soothing music by Dr. Mladan Milicevic with pleasing ambient nature sounds. It also includes Alpha, Theta and Delta brain wave frequencies, which are a clinically-proven method to relax the brain.

As a special bonus, the relaxation DVD also includes an optional guided meditation soundtrack with music, nature sounds and brain wave frequencies. The optional guided meditation soundtrack is designed to encourage healing of the mind, body and spirit and help retrain your brain into more positive and optimistic thought patterns and is ideal for those recovering from surgery, illness or coping with PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression or generalized anxiety disorder. The guided meditation uses hypnotherapy techniques and guided imagery to induce deep relaxation whereupon audible cognitive behavior suggestions are offered to help retrain the brain. This doctor recommended relaxation DVD was developed under the guidance and approval of clinical psychologists and is based upon neuroscience research. With repeated viewing of this relaxation DVD you may entrain your brain into remaining in a more relaxed state and influence your subconscious mind to motivate you to achieve a healthy, well-balanced mindset and lifestyle. Used by hospitals and clinics to help patients relax and recommended by physicians and clinical psychologists, this relaxation DVD is not only beautiful, it can also be very beneficial to your health and will provide immediate stress relief.

This unique scenic relaxation DVD of Hawaii is perfect for those seeking relaxation after a busy day at work, a virtual vacation without the expense of travel, or for those recovering from illness or surgery and for those who practice meditation or yoga, or appreciate holistic, naturopathic health & wellness remedies. This beautiful Hawaiian Islands scenic relaxation DVD is perfect for luau parties, weddings or as ambient video to enjoy in the comfort of your home on TV while you relax or work on your laptop, entertain guests in your home, office, or lobby waiting room.

Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate your Mind, Body & Spirit with Serenity Moments Scenic Relaxation videos.Available on widescreen DVD (All Regions). Scroll down this page to play a short video clip preview.


I have had an opportunity to view and study the DVD material developed by Charmaine Anderson. This material has been used in my practice to successfully implement psychotherapy and other psychological modalities of treatment. An example of patients I have worked with and who have benefited from this DVD include individuals with significant physical trauma as well as heightened anxiety and depression. This DVD has been very helpful in the treatment of returning veterans from both Iraq and Afghanistan. The material is professionally developed and has been of special interest for me in treating patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder whatever the cause. I have also found the material relaxing when used on a personal basis. This material (DVD) has potential not just in the treatment of PTSD but for use with psychosomatic disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety disorders. I strongly support the use of this DVD material in the treatment of the conditions noted and likely in other circumstances as well. The potential for this DVD and guided imagery may be unlimited and I highly recommend its use and distribution. I did not receive any financial compensation with regard to my recommendations or use of this product. –Dr. Ronald Turco, M.D., Past President-American Academy of Psychoanalysis

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Charmaine Anderson, President of Real Art Studios, LLC produces the Serenity MomentsĀ® scenic relaxation video series help people recover from stress related illnesses.

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