I am committed to my relationship and I am learning to nurture it.

Quality relationships take time and effort. I let go of the expectation that I should be able to pluck one, fully formed, from thin air. That's all fine and good for Cinderella, but the real world is slightly lacking in properly attentive fairy godmothers.

As an adult, I am interested in the depth and dimensions of real relationships, and I know that no one will be able to wave a wand and grant those to me; it takes work!

I make my relationship a priority. I let go of the idea that my relationship can thrive when I focus primarily on my work or other obligations and give my partner the dregs of my time and energy.

Instead, I set aside regular time just for us to maintain and nurture what I hold dear.

I end each day by paying at least a few minutes of focused attention to my partner, listening and being supportive in whatever way I can. I also share my day since I recognize the value of my partner's support and draw strength from it.

I also make a point of doing fun and renewing things with my partner regularly. I dedicate at least one evening each week to spending uninterrupted time together.

Sometimes we get away from distractions and responsibilities and focus on nurturing each other. I gladly accept the time and effort required to strengthen my relationship because I recognize the value of what I am striving to develop and maintain.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I take time to listen and share with my partner each day?
2. When was the last time we spent time alone just having fun?
3. Which upcoming weekend could I set aside to get away with my partner?


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