I can wait for things worth waiting for.

I have the ability to wait for things that are worth waiting for. I wait patiently because I know that some things require preparation. If I receive everything that I want without waiting, it may not be well done.

Waiting for my blessings helps me to appreciate them when I finally receive them.

Whether I am waiting for a job promotion or waiting to find a mate, the process of waiting is about building my character. While I wait, I reflect on my readiness for what I am waiting for.

Waiting builds in me a grateful heart. I am grateful that I must wait a long time for some things because I know that the weight makes those things hard to take for granted.

Instead of pacing back and forth or twiddling my thumbs, I use my time to prepare myself for my blessing. I turn the spotlight away from what I want and shine the light on myself. I reject bitterness by eliminating complaints.

Life has seasons just like the earth does. I first sow a seed – then I joyfully wait. Eventually, harvest time comes and I delight in the fruit of my labour.

If I tried to retrieve my fruit before it is ready, I would ruin it. That is why I wait patiently!

Today, I chose to wait with hope alive inside of me. I focus on preparing myself for my blessings.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What have I had to wait for in the past?
2. What am I waiting on right now?
3. What can I do to make good use of my time while I wait?


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