I extend a lending hand to others without overextending myself.

I understand that I am my first priority. Keeping a roof over my head and food on my table takes precedence to help a friend out of a financial pickle.

Though it saddens me when my loved ones are in a financial bind, I am sure that they understand my stance. I must be a responsible steward of my money rather than putting my mortgage payment on hold in order to lend them a substantial amount of money.

I am a frugal person and cut costs as much as I can. I have basic cable, shop for groceries with coupons, and limit my spending wherever else I can. Of course, I expect others to do so as well.

As an adult, parent, and spouse, it is my individual responsibility to ensure that my family lives well within our means. Of course, some of my friends have no fault in their financial hardships. I truly do sympathize.

When possible, I find other ways to lend a helping hand in these situations. Sometimes, I bring over large casseroles that will feed their families for a few days. And, other times, I help them locate job openings to earn a bit of extra money.

Every little bit helps. Even if I am handing over a lasagna dish rather than a check, I know that my efforts make a difference.

Today, I understand that preserving the well-being of my family is my priority. I help my loved ones when possible. But I release myself from the need to feel guilty when my financial situation limits the amount of monetary assistance I can provide.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I allow people to take advantage of my willingness to help?
2. Have I ever gotten behind on my bills because I lent money to a friend?
3. How can I become more comfortable with saying “no?”


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