I feel truly appreciated when others thank me.

I give a lot of worth to the word ‘thanks.' I love to hear it from others because it means I am living up to my Creator's expectations of me. I know I am in the world to make a positive impact on others, and I appreciate when others recognize it.

As people go through the motions of life, saying ‘thanks' is a gesture that is often taken for granted – without much thought being given to it. But I am still happy to hear it because I know deep down it is being expressed by someone that I positively impact.

I appreciate the gratitude of others.

The appreciation I feel when I do something positive for someone is just as good as the act itself. When someone tells me how thankful they are, I feel inspired to do another good act.

I am propelled to make other people happy when I recognize the positive effect my actions have on someone.

When my kids say ‘thanks' for a gift or a late-night snack, I know it is something they truly appreciate. It warms their hearts and shows them that I really love them.

Today, I embrace the positive feeling of being appreciated. Even when others forget to express their appreciation for my positive gestures, I know that the impact of the gesture is still just as great. I endeavour to continue doing positive things for others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I say ‘thanks' to others often enough?
2. Can I feel the gratitude of others even if they don't thank me?
3. Am I treated differently by others when I continue to show my appreciation and gratitude?


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