I graciously accept the actions of others.

I am in control of my own actions. If I am unable to fit the standards of someone else, even if they are near and dear to my heart, so be it. I am me, and I like who I am.

The same goes for how I view the actions of others. If someone close to me makes a decision that I'm not in agreement with, I choose to respect his or her decision.

It can be challenging to support my loved ones when they make choices that I think are wrong. But I express my concern once at the most, and then I drop the subject.

I know that I am against being badgered by others about my actions; therefore I refrain from hassling those I love.

I am gracious when I disagree with others' choices. I accept their decisions because they affect my life very little, if at all. I am able to agree to disagree with another person and still maintain my friendship with them.

To me, that is the beauty of friendship: being able to view the outcomes of decisions I myself might not choose to make. In a sense, it is like vicariously living through another person.

I find the silver lining in all situations, regardless of how difficult they may be to understand.

Today, I accept the decisions of others because it is their life, after all. I understand that the only person I have control over is myself, and that is enough for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I often become pouty when others are unwilling to follow my lead?
2. How do I react when someone close to me does something I don't agree with?
3. How can I learn to be more supportive of others?


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