I lead by example to help others make positive choices.

Everyone has an opportunity to lead by example. I choose to be a positive example! People follow my lead and make better choices because of me.

Being a good example doesn't mean being perfect. No one makes the right decisions all the time. I allow myself to be human and make mistakes.

However, I strive to be my best. I always want to be stronger and better. I continuously work to improve and find great joy in the process. Each day, I try to set a better example for others.

If I am happy with myself, I am doing the right thing. I avoid doing things that don't feel right or that don't make me happy. I do what feels joyous to me because it causes me to radiate that joy out to others. When others see my happiness, they want to follow my example.

Each day, I am an example for someone who crosses my path. I am a good example of joy and peace. Others appreciate what I have to offer. They want to be like me because they see the happiness I radiate.

No matter what crosses my path, I cultivate peace within myself. I show others how I handle challenges in positive ways. Challenges can be good opportunities and I demonstrate how to learn and grow from them.

Today, I am the best I can be so others can follow my lead.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What makes me a good example?
2. How can I use my own growth to help others be their best?
3. How can I lead by example?


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