I make a conscious effort to brighten the days of others.

I am a kindhearted person. Little else brings a wider smile to my face than lifting up the spirits of a friend or even a stranger.

Every place I go, I keep a positive mindset. I make small talk with the person behind me in line at the pharmacy, or I compliment a woman that I can tell is having a bad day.

Personally, I know that receiving a compliment from another person, especially an unfamiliar face, makes me feel good about myself. It is all the more comforting when I am having a bad hair day or just an overall unsatisfactory week.

I am nice to everyone I encounter and I am sincere in my interactions, even if I am having an unhappy or stressful day.

Though these instances are few and far between, sometimes, I do find myself in an unpleasant mood; it is a natural part of life. On these days, I would much rather simply give a friendly smile rather than striking up a conversation.

I feel that it is far more productive to be quiet than releasing my steam unto others simply because I am having a bad day.

I gently encourage the people around me to have a similar mindset. By urging others to look on the bright side, I contribute to the smooth functioning of my community and the happiness of those around me.

Today, I do at least one good deed. It can be as simple as handing a mother a fallen baby bottle or even carrying the groceries of an elderly woman to her car. I know that one random act of kindness does make a difference!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have a tendency to take my anger out on innocent people?
2. How can I cultivate a positive mindset?
3. How can I gently encourage others to maintain a positive attitude?


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