I see the best in others and appreciate them for it.

Because I am interested in developing strong relationships with people, I let go of the idea that individuals must be perfect to be accepted. I have flaws and want people to love me regardless. I extend that same respect to others.

In seeking the best in people, I strive to remember that there are no bad traits. Issues that challenge relationships are merely the flip side of more positive qualities.

If my co-worker is stubborn, for instance, he is probably also determined and consistent. If my daughter is emotional, she is likely also sensitive and creative. I choose to focus on the positive aspects of the people I love.

I also strive to empower others to become their very best. I point out their good qualities both to them and to others, knowing that people will live up to whatever they believe to be true.

I let go of the desire to berate people for their shortcomings and, instead, try to build up the good that is already there.

I remember that everyone, including me, is a work in progress. When a sculptor creates a work of art, he often throws the same batch of clay many times before the piece begins to take the shape he envisions beneath his hands.

Likewise, people require time and the patient touch of the Creator to reach their full potential. I let go and just enjoy the process of watching them develop, fully believing in the beauty of the final product.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I understand that my loved ones are also works in progress?
2. Do I focus on the positive side of my loved ones' character traits?
3. How can I empower those I love?


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