Kindness draws favor toward me.

I enjoy positive relationships and pleasant interactions because I exhibit kindness toward others. I follow the golden rule of life, treating others the way I want to be treated. My personality attracts the same type of energy back to me.

When I am kind to others, I position myself on the path of favour. Treating others the way I want to be treated encourages them to be kind toward me as well. The cycle of generosity begins with me being kind and ends with me receiving the kindness of others.

My amiable character makes an unforgettable impression on people. People want to work with me because I am pleasant to work with. I am building a network of friends who care about me and look out for my well-being.

Doors open for me because I have earned the trust of those around me. My positive attitude helps me make friends everywhere I go. The reputation I have earned for myself as a kind person delivers opportunities right to my door.

I show kindness by placing the needs of others before my own. I enjoy serving others and ensure they are comfortable rather than only looking out for me. The sweetness of my personality attracts favour toward me like bees to honey.

Today, I choose to be a delight to others by serving them with a positive attitude and a genuine smile. I make a concerted effort to push my personal feelings aside and think of others first. As I bless others, I draw favour toward me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I show more kindness to someone today?
2. Why is it important to be kind even when I feel like being unkind?
3. Has my past attitude opened or shut doors for me?


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