My family is my rock.

My family inspires me to be my best. I want to be an inspiration to the loved ones around me.

My goal is to be a role model for generations yet to come. I believe that little eyes are watching and imitating everything I do. I feel a strong responsibility to leave a legacy of hard work and success for all to model.

I am passionate about my family and I devote time to them every day. Members of my family know how deeply I feel because I tell them constantly how much they mean to me.

I call and email my relatives on a regular basis. I am grateful for their love and support and my family knows that they, too, can count on me.

My family is the strong foundation upon which all other success is built. My co-workers know that, while I am devoted to my work, nothing takes the place of my family. I make sacrifices for my family because they are worth it!

The strength I receive from my loved ones can withstand any storm. Whenever the waters of adversity rise against me, I know I can count on my family to be a beacon of hope and peace. Their unconditional love is mine during times of success and hardships.

During times of trials, I recall memories of days spent with my family in order to find inner peace. A day at the park. A smile. A soft, giggly voice. Dancing in the rain. A warm hug. A sweet kiss. Those are the memories that keep me grounded.

Today, I am making new memories with my family to strengthen our unbreakable bond.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I show my family that I appreciate them?
2. How can I be stronger for my loved ones?
3. What are some of my fondest family memories?


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