My family prays together.

Every day, I take time to pray because it is the key for me to find peace and balance in my life. When I begin my day, casting all my cares on the arms of a higher power, I become free to accomplish my duties without anxiety.

Prayer is a powerful tool for reaching the place of inner peace and tranquillity. As a leader in my home, I value prayer time with my family. I seek to get the family together to pray as much as possible.

When we pray together, I get to shower my family members with love. As I pray with each of them, I share my deepest wishes for their lives. They hear my hopes and dreams for them poured out with passion.

Prayer time draws my family closer together. It is a time where we are vulnerable before one another as we reveal our weaknesses and desires. Prayer is also a time when we connect as a family unit.

While each family member shares their prayer requests, the other members listen free from judgment. We all pray together, asking for the same thing. I make my family members feel loved and supported when I show interest in what matters to them.

Our family prayer time helps us grow closer as a family and helps us grow individually. I feel nothing but love for the people I pray for. My family prays for each other, but also the less fortunate. It is a time to reflect on our blessings with gratitude.

Today, I choose to set time aside with my family to listen to each other's hearts as we lift our heartfelt prayers.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I pray as much as I should?
2. What is keeping me from praying with my family?
3. How does prayer time bring a family closer together?


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