My help is graciously offered without expectations.

When I help others I feel valued and gain a sense of purpose in my life. I enjoy helping others simply for the joy in sharing. I wholeheartedly respect others as I would like to be respected.

I extend myself to those who need my help and they owe me nothing in return. I enjoy making myself available and accessible to others. This is my way of extending a caring attitude throughout the world.

Each day I find ways of helping everyone around me, whether it is a stranger on the street, a colleague at work, or a family member at home. It makes me feel good to help and I require no reward or payment in return.

Extending my help to others is easy and I strive to make everyone's day just a little easier, just as I would want for myself.

It gladdens my heart and strengthens my spirit when I can lend a hand to other people. I am empowered when I help others, especially when they do not know that it was me that helped. Secretly assisting others can be fun; the game is in not being caught!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I practised helping others without expectation?
2. How might I help a stranger, friend or family member today?
3. How do I feel after I help others?


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