My spouse and I are unstoppable together.

We are unstoppable because we complement each other. When one of us is weak, the strength of the other carries us through. We are a force to be reckoned with when we unite for a goal. We brainstorm together, execute together, and no matter what the outcome, we celebrate together.

Even above our children, we are each other's top priority because the best gift we can give our children is a healthy set of loving parents. When we put each other first, all other things fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle.

My spouse and I set realistic goals based on our abilities. Our relationship is free from the pressure of comparison. We believe in the amazing potential stored within each other.

Laughter is a vital part of our relationship; it carries us through difficult times. Keeping the big picture in mind helps us to laugh, instead of sweating the small stuff.

The comfort of my spouse's hug is all I need to get myself back on my feet after a difficult situation. Our love is an invigorating force against fear and worry; it gives me new strength when I feel alone.

My spouse and I seek every opportunity to encourage each other through words and actions. Our marriage is free from the destructive effects of negative criticism. We forgive each other quickly and communicate openly about all issues.

Today, I reflect on the countless traits I love about my mate and I choose to say, “I love you” in a special way to give thanks for their unconditional love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my partner's strengths?
2. What act of service can I do for my mate today?
3. How can I inject more laughter into my marriage?

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