My words and actions affect others positively.

Through my gifts and talents, I have the ability to improve any situation. I have been created to inspire those who I have attracted into my life. Often others feel like they have been uplifted after they interact with me.

My words are always filled with genuine compliments. My conversations have substance because I stay away from empty chatter. When others spend time with me, they leave feeling like they are a better person for it.

Speaking positively, I push others to exceed their expectations. My friends know they can always count on me to defy expectations and believe in the impossible. By believing in others, I am able to motivate them to reach their potential.

My vocabulary is free from negativity and harsh criticism because those two are the enemies of success.

In order to reach a goal, I must visualize it first and then affirm it with my words. That is why I only speak of things that are to come and never focus on the “what ifs.”

My actions are like building blocks for people's self image; therefore, I am well received. People love to be around me because I can help them change their outlook. I can change the course of someone's day with my contagious positivity.

With my words I can turn a frown into a smile. With my actions I can turn a stranger into a friend. I can inspire a coward to become brave if I am daring enough myself to allow the power within me to affect other people.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does my life make a difference in the lives of others?
2. Do my words destroy or build up others?
3. Do people seem to enjoy my company?


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