Nothing can stir my interior freedom.

When fear and self-doubt approach me, I block them out of my mind with positive thoughts. Peace surrounds my mind like a safety barricade, allowing only pleasant thoughts to come in.

Like a soldier, I have fought in the battle of the mind and won peace for my soul. I have peace deep within my heart, which remains intact even in the face of trials. My mind is empowered when I choose to focus my attention on positive memories instead of giving in to fear.

I am still because I know that I have a calling, a hope, and a future that I have yet to see. I am certain that there is a plan for my life that is bigger than any obstacle I may face.

I have confidence in my abilities and in my knowledge because I have been created for a great purpose. Loving and accepting the person that I am helps me feel free to believe in myself. Accepting others just the way they are gives me the freedom to be myself.

My friends and family help me to be steadfast by believing in me and showing me their support. Nothing can stir my interior freedom because I know that I am not alone. I have a loving support group that surrounds me and keeps me safe.

Today, I choose tranquillity starting within my soul and stretching out to all those around me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What kinds of thoughts am I allowing in my mind?
2. Do I accept others as they are?
3. How can I protect my mind from negative thoughts?


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