Selfless love is the knot that holds my marriage together. 

My marriage is strong because a bond of selfless love holds it together. Selfless love stirs up forgiveness within me when self-righteousness tries to justify anger.

Whenever frustration tries to blind me, selfless love allows me to see my spouse through the eyes of compassion. I put myself in my spouse's shoes when we communicate. Allowing selflessness to reign results in a peaceful home.

Selfless love requires both partners to trade sides. Instead of looking out for myself, my number one priority is to look out for my spouse; when each of us puts the other first, strong bond forms are indestructible.

My spouse and I both devote our attention to the other's needs. My goal is to ensure my spouse feels loved and supported. I am happy when I see my spouse live out their dreams. My spouse's happiness lies in seeing me achieve my goals.

My marriage is strong because both my spouse and I have given up fighting for our own views. Instead, we work hard to understand the other. I am at ease knowing my partner has my back. In the same way, my spouse trusts me completely.

Today, I choose to lay down selfishness and put my spouse first. I enjoy the peace that comes from knowing that my needs matter to my spouse.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is it better for me to be understood or to understand my spouse?
2. What is selfless love?
3. What good can come out of you and your spouse putting each other first?


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