Simple Gestures to Show Appreciation

You've heard the expression that a little can go a long way, and there's no exception when it comes to showing your appreciation. Learning how to express your gratitude will enable you to enjoy improved communication and more fulfilling relationships.

While a grand gesture is always nice and has a time and place, simple gestures are habits that you can add to your everyday routine. It's important not to keep all of your love and appreciation stuck inside your head. Instead, let it out and you'll give meaning, purpose, and joy to everyone around you!

Try the following simple gestures to express your gratitude:

1. Talk more. Make your thoughts known. Your simple gestures of appreciation can be at the office, at home, with your kids, with your partner, and more. When you verbalize how you feel in a positive manner, it can make all the difference in a person's day.

  • If you think of a compliment, give the compliment. It's simple and it works.

2. Give a card out of the blue. Give friends, family, colleagues, or your partner a sincere card or note. There's something extra special about getting a message when you aren't expecting one. Plus they make nice keepsakes.

3. Go out of your way. Take a moment to think of something you can do each day or every once in awhile that's above and beyond. Taking even a small burden off your loved one's shoulders shows that you care.

  • For example, if your spouse is usually the one who handles the laundry, surprise them and take care of it.

4. Develop your listening skills. Practice being truly aware of what you're told when people are speaking to you. You'll likely commit certain bits of information to long-term memory. You'll be surprised at how happy you can make someone simply because you remembered something they told you.

5. Show affection. When it comes to affection for your loved ones, some simple affection can go a long way. Bring more hugs and kisses into the relationship. Chances are everyone could use more “I love you's” in their lives.

6. Consider a handmade gift. When it comes time for gift giving, consider a handmade gift. It doesn't have to be something expensive or complex as long as it's coming from the heart. These gifts are often the most cherished of all.

7. Cook something. If you're showing appreciation to your family, plan a special meal one day. Maybe try something you haven't tried before, or go for an old family favorite. If you're showing appreciation for another group of people, consider bringing them some baked goods. A cupcake or a brownie just might brighten someone's day!

8. Always say “Thank You.” You've learned to say please and thank you to strangers and the people in your life shouldn't be an exception. It's easy to fall into a pattern where we take others for granted. Make it a habit to always thank people for anything they've done for you, even for simple things like holding the door.

Live a Life of Gratitude

If you continue to live your life in the presence of gratitude, it won't be difficult to maintain simple gestures of appreciation. When you concentrate on the needs of the people you love and fight the urge to fall into predictable patterns, you'll set yourself up for a happy life. Those around you will always remember your positive gestures!


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